Hi and welcome here !

Let me introduce myself: I'm César Picart, a French student in Game Design, at Supinfogame Rubika.

Video games entertain me but mainly, they make me dream.

That's why I wanted to be part of the other side: share with people all those feelings and marvel them.


You'll find my work below.


The Key

Game Designer

Narrative Designer

Chicken Town

Game Designer

Level Designer


Game Designer


Hero of the Rising Sun



Game Designer

Level Designer

Musical Level Design

Level Designer



A friend of mine makes a lot of videos about his holidays or projects. I found it more dynamic and interesting that simple photos, transmitting more feelings and translating the experience.

That's why I decided to try too.


In each video, I choose the music and make the video montage with After Effects, the audio montage with Audacity, and most of the time, I take the footages.


As you could have noticed, I'm fond of video games. I love various types of games, but my favorites are still narrative and adventure games, like the legendary LoZ: Twilight Princess or the amazing Life is Strange!

But video games are not my only passion in life. I had the chance to travel a lot with my parents, while I was a child, visiting a lot of different countries. Now, I keep traveling, but with friends. I'm looking for meeting new people and open my mind to other cultures.

During those trips, I'm used to taking selfies with strangers I meet, to keep a trace of them. Moreover, it gives me a lot of pictures with happy and smily people!

I also really love handball. I practiced it for 8 years at a regional level. I had to stop because of my studies, but I really miss it. What I like in this sport are the team spirit and coordination, which are essential. Moreover, I like the unknown: a turnaround is always possible, and you must never give up.

I'm so much impressed by the international teams, because you feel the cohesion between them and their passion.

Finally, I can't talk about myself without "ewoking" Star Wars. I have been raised in this universe, thanks to my dad. I was a child when I saw the Episode IV for the first time and dreamt about being a spaceship pilot or a jedi. Everything in those movies allows me to escape from my daily life. Even if I was a little bit scared when Disney rebought Lucasfilm, I was like a child when I saw the Episode VII. I'm impatiently waiting for the next episode!