As you could have noticed, I'm fond of video games. I love various types of games, but my favorites are still narrative and adventure games, like the legendary LoZ: Breath of the Wild or the amazing The Last of Us!


But video games are not my only passion in life. I really love handball. I played it for 8 years at a regional level. Team spirit and coordination are essential. Moreover, I like the unknown: a turnaround is always possible, you must never give up.

I can't talk about myself without "ewoking" Star Wars! I have been raised in this universe, thanks to my dad. I was a child when I saw the Episode IV and dreamt about being a spaceship pilot or a jedi. Even if I was a little bit scared when Disney bought Lucasfilm, I was like a child when I saw the Episode VII. And so far, I like this new trilogy!

Finally, I had the chance to travel a lot with my parents, visiting a lot of different countries. Now, I keep traveling, but with friends.


I'm used to taking selfies with strangers I meet, it gives me a lot of pictures with happy and smiling people!

Feel free to contact me at those adresses, even if you just want to chat: