Chicken Town

Abilities help you in critic situation

Avoid obstacles narrowly to make Polly hit them

Dodge Croco's charged without falling in the water

Role: Level / Game Designer

Developer: Fishing Cactus

Period: June 2016 - September 2016

Engine: Unity

Platforms: Android, iOS


Chicken Town is a runner in which the player embodies Zino the rooster, who is pursued by Polly, a big woman who triets to catch and fry him. The player has to avoid obstacles and leave Polly behind. To go as far as possible, the player can use special abilities whenever they want.

Main missions:

- Analysed the genre

- Conceptualized the game

- Designed the tools used in level design

- Created patterns used in the randomly generated level

Secondary missions:

- Tweaked the camera

- Integrated some UI elements

One thing I'm proud of:

It's the first game I shipped, and I had the chance to work on it from the beginning, on every aspect.

One thing I learned:

When you don't really know where to start in Level Design, you need to rationalise the macro structure and establish your difficulty curve to create adapted patterns fitting with the others.

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