Smurfs: Epic Run

Role: Level / Game Designer

Developer: Ubisoft

Period: July 2017 - December 2017

Engine: Cosmos

Platforms: Android, iOS, Amazon TV (now removed from store)


Smurfs: Epic Run is a 2D runner platformer. The player can unlock several smurfs with different abilities to beat every level, by dodging enemies, obstacles and holes.

The player can also compete others, and climb the leaderboard.

Main missions:

- Created level patterns used in the randomly generated levels

- Integrated levels

- Analysed and interpreted data users to tweak/create features

- Developed a test plan for the upcoming time-limited events

- Worked on several retention and monetization features

Secondary missions:

- Analysed other games on the market

- Reworked the competitive mode

- Reworked the UI to ease access to features

One thing I'm proud of:

I designed many LD situations, trying to be surprising every time, but also to rationalise them to create a good difficulty balance.

One thing I learned:

I realised how important collecting datas on players is, and that you need to set the collecting tools as soon as possible.

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