Role: Narrative / Game Designer

Team: 7 people

Duration: 9 months

Engine: Unity

Platforms: PC


The Key is a first person Fantastic Anguish game, using mechanics from the Infiltration genre. The player must foil the illusions and find the hidden paths to progress into the story and get out of an unhealthy and labyrinthine Hotel.

As the main character cannot defend himself against the enemies, he has to use a Special Key's powers to avoid them by acting on doors.

Main missions:

- Designed the different mechanics

- Designed and prototyped the camera

- Created the scenario and the context

- Wrote the dialogues

Secondary missions:

- Coded and integrated UI elements

- Tweaked several features

One thing I'm proud of:

I imagined and created a whole story and context that seemed as coherent as possible, with several environmental storytelling elements,  even if it hasn't been translated into the game.

One thing I learned:

Translate a story into a game needs a lot of resources and takes a very long time, as it requires work from every trade group.

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