Role: Level Designer

Developer: Magic Design Studios

Period: April 2018 - April 2019

Engine: Unity

Platforms: Consoles and PC


Unruly Heroes is a 2D Platformer Beat'em all inspired by the Chinese legend of the Monkey King, also known as Journey to the West.

Alone or up to 4 in local co-operation, the players can embody four characters, each one with different abilities, in order to cross all the levels.

Main missions:

- Designed, created, polished and debugged the five levels of the Underworld.

- Created many GPEs using visual scripting (Playmaker).

- Integrated visual assets and animations.

- Managed all the cameras.

- Made the different cutscenes.

Secondary missions:

- Designed some UI elements

- Designed new content for updates

One thing I'm proud of:

I had to design and create each level in two weeks. I also had to learn the gameplay, the homemade tools and the visual scripting at the same time.

One thing I learned:

Thanks to Unruly Heroes' release, I now have a better understanding of every step of a game production, including design, debug and polish. So I'm able to better anticipate the potential issues, especially regarding level design and everything related.

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